Clever ways to design a garden that is easy to maintain

The sitting area in the garden can be an extension of functional space with the beauty of nature and the warmth of the sun.In addition, the presence of a sitting area will reduce the planting area that needs to be treated. The use of wooden planks is intended to maintain soil moisture underneath so that plants can grow well. The gravel around the plant stems also makes it easier to absorb water. You might think, “Ah, it’s just grass. Just a small plant. How hard is it to take care of him?” It turns out that taking care of grass requires quite a lot of time and energy to fertilize, mow, weed, and even take care of the ant holes it protects. So, reduce or even eliminate lawn planting. A small area of ??grass that is allowed to grow wild will maintain the naturalness of the garden. Take advantage of the round gravel placed under the trees as a path while reducing soil splashing when it rains, as suggested by Best Snow Plowing Companies in Solon Ohio.

Even without grass, the choice of tropical plants with various green colors can compensate for the use of gravel and rocks and display a beautiful, beautiful garden. A good garden is intended to provide freshness and beauty. You don’t need a large garden to realize this concept. Of the many types of plants, some plants do not require special care. Ask the plant seller about types of plants that don’t need to be watered too much, as well as those that live long. Japanese Cambodia, suppliers, and cypress can be plant choices that are not too troublesome. This type of plant does not need to be watered too often and is suitable for tropical climates. Flower plants are beautiful, but very difficult to care for. Flower plants need frequent watering and flower litter is also a hassle. Many types of shrubs or shrubs of various colors can provide beauty.

Greentea plants and Paris lilies (Chlorophytum comosum var vittatum) have different colors that are quite beautiful as garden decorations. Minimalist gardens utilize types of plants that are weather and climate resistant so they are easy to maintain. Indeed, only a few types of plants are presented, but the combination with rocks and wood will make a minimalist garden unsightly.

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