Cannabis Oil That Makes You Beautiful

Cannabis oil is also known to be as effective as a skincare product. Cannabis oil called ‘hemp oil’ is said to be able to overcome acne and moisturize the skin. Hemp itself is one of a variety of cannabis plants called Cannabis sativa. This is somewhat different from CBD oil. Although both contain THC, hemp has a number of mineral and protein contents that are good for the body.

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Hemp plays a role in everything. The omega 3 content in it is also able to ward off inflammation in the body. Over time, the beauty industry has begun to respond in an uproar to the use of cannabis-based products. Evidently, a series of beauty products made with basic ingredients of cannabis. Starting from facial soap, shower soap, hair cream, face cream, lip balm, to various other types of beauty products.

The Cut page has also discussed the issue of cannabis beauty products. The page mentions the content of omega fatty acids, vitamins C, B1, and B2 which are in it are effective for healthy skin.

However, that does not mean CBD is a panacea. Because CBD is called vulnerable to the placebo effect. Placebo itself is a method for testing the effectiveness of drugs before they are used massively. Placebos are also often referred to as ’empty drugs’ because placebo ‘medicines’ usually do not contain active ingredients intended to improve health.

They (placebo drugs) often cannot be reproduced. The situation is usually not well controlled to show the effects of CBD. For this reason, they cannot be considered strong evidence for the efficacy of drugs. In addition, the limited scale of CBD research is also difficult to detect the side effects produced.

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