Build Your Skill In Drama By Learning or Create Scripts

The easiest and most direct way to write your drama scripts for college is to create a slip file. If you are unfamiliar with a slip file, this is a term that is widely used in copywriting and marketing circles. The copywriter stores ads, brochures and the ads that he learns from and that he can refer to in developing his own advertising campaigns. Now, not only are you copying this material and presenting it as your own, you are simply being inspired by it. and orientation. So should you. You won’t see any advertisements, of course, but you will closely monitor the interactions of the people around you and record your observations. For example, you are standing at the checkout in the store, picking up a few purchases and the inspector is talking to the packer.

They talk about the date the inspector was the night before and how it failed. It’s a duet script. For example, you bring your dog to the veterinary office for his annual vaccination series and there are two other dog owners in the waiting room: one has a dog with a broken leg that is healing and the other has a puppy that is pulling. Want to play with the healing dog, full of energy. Little by little, the tension between the two dog owners builds up until it suddenly turns into a conversation about responsible dog ownership. It’s a duet script. For example, while you’re in the local bookstore reading a detective story and enjoying a cup of coffee, a woman walks through the door and warns her elderly mother not to get enough. It’s a duet.

They are everyday facts, they all happen around you but do you know why they deserve your attention?They reveal character. Each one reveals character and that is exactly what a good duet script should do. It won’t be long before you have a fairly large file of these situations, trust me. Most of what is written in drama scripts for college is already written. Well there is a very simple technique that you can use to take a single situation and turn it into multiple duet performance scripts. Change the characters, Instead of the mother and daughter who come across the door, it is a mother and a son. Using the techniques mentioned here, you will not only build a large library of scripts, but also expand your understanding, empathy, and character awareness.

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