Benefits of Cleaning the House in Marie Kondo Way

It turns out that cleaning the house has something to do with mental health. You can get help from virginia cleaners This has to do with the part of your brain called the visual cortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for processing image impulses received by vision. If you can see too many things, then your attention will be distracted and you will have difficulty processing various information. There are various benefits of cleaning the house for health that you can get from cleaning the house in the style of Marie Kondo:

1. Loving yourself
Loving yourself is not a bad thing. By organizing and tidying your things, it shows that you care about your mental health. Of course you will feel happy if you see the atmosphere of the house is neat and clean. Even if you are doing it yourself, and not someone else, you will feel as if you are being rewarded for it.

2. Gives a sense of satisfaction
Oftentimes, when you fail to do good for yourself, your brain will force itself to criticize your attitude. And vice versa, when you succeed in doing good things for yourself, the brain will tend to encourage you to feel satisfied with your behavior, even with yourself. The benefits of cleaning the house for health are also by giving a sense of satisfaction with what you have done yourself. So, when you open a tidy wardrobe, open an organized desk drawer, and other places in your home that you have tidy and cleaned, you will always feel satisfied with yourself.

3. So it’s easier to think clearly
Looking at various objects can fill your brain and it will be constantly stimulated to process various kinds of information, so you will find it difficult to focus on work or other more important activities. By cleaning up the messy part of the house, then you will feel the benefits of cleaning the house for other health, namely you give your brain more relax and increase concentration.

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