Beginner Chefs Must Know This When They Choose Their Knives

Many ways to see whether the kitchen knife you want is of good quality or not. One of them, you can observe the shape of whether the knife is made by forging or stamping. In general, stamped knives or knives are stamped using a machine in its production. The knife is sometimes still better than the results obtained from the forging process, but some stamped knives also have high quality with blades that are designed very well. In the meantime, if you wish to find out more about a high-quality Japanese knife, we recommend you to read this blog’s Kamikoto reviews.

Even stamped knives from certain brands add the polishing process by hand and refine it, so that it produces high-quality kitchen knives and has a high selling value.

Meanwhile, forged kitchen knives are made by heating or melting metal into a knife. In making this knife requires experts who already have a specialization, and they have been trained to produce sharp and quality knives.

This forging knife usually has a heavier weight than a stamped knife. The price of the forged knife is higher because of its production process, and the forged knife’s quality and cutting results are both excellent.

In addition, choose a kitchen knife with functions that suit your job. Kitchen knives have a variety that varies according to the shape and function. Here are some kitchen knives that you can use at home:

First, the chef’s knife. This knife is very effective to cut all types of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. These multipurpose knives are generally 8 “in size and are suitable for your kitchen needs at home.

Second, the bread knife. This bread knife has a serrated blade. This knife is safer to use and is perfect for slicing all types of bread. In general, this knife measures 8 “or about 20 cm.

Third, a paring knife. The size of this peel knife is smaller than the two previous knives, generally measuring 3 “or about 8 cm. This peel knife is very effective for doing complicated things, such as peeling fruits or vegetables to look more beautiful when served.

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