Background Problem In Custom T-Shirt Design

Bored with mediocre t-shirt designs? Now you can make t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys with your fancy designs easily and using the t shirt creator. Besides, they also provide many T-shirt design templates to make it easier for you to create cool shirt designs. Custom T-shirts are very suitable for you to use yourself, to be a special gift for your loved ones, and also for various events such as family events, birthdays, office events, school/campus events, clubs, organizations, seminars, and more.

However, many users still experience misconceptions about the design of the images they make with printouts on selected media. The first problem can be said too often occur and not infrequently also cause misunderstanding between the design and print of the shirt is the background problem. Well, if you want the background in the image erased, there are 3 easy ways to solve it.

– Eliminating background images with Photoshop software. For those of you who have Photoshop software, of course, about removing the background image is very easy. You just open the application, select the image you want to change, then use a tool called “Magic Eraser”. Then, click the area in the background of the image you want to change, within seconds it is guaranteed to disappear immediately.

– You could use application to remove background like background eraser. If Photoshop software is too complicated, you can try an application called background eraser on a smartphone that you can download for free. To use it, you just select the photo on your smartphone, then point the eraser to the object you want to delete.

So make sure that you use the picture that suits your wants and needs to make an awesome custom t-shirt. You could also ask for help in designing your shirt at the online custom t-shirt shop to get the best design that will look good on the shirt you intend to purchase.

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