Avoid Work Accident With Scaffold Tower

Working in the construction area is prone to the risk of work accidents. One of the causes of this work accident is the use of a scaffold tower that is not by the provisions. In fact, in America alone, 16% of the 359 construction workers who died from falling from heights were due to improper use of scaffold tower. If the scaffold tower is used properly, it can minimize incidents like this. This is because the safety in using scaffold tower always starts from whether a scaffold tower is safe or not to be used. So, it is better if the hirein.co.uk/product/scaffold-tower/ is installed by skilled workers and thoroughly inspected before starting to use.

Improper use of scaffold tower can not only endanger workers who are above it, but also workers who are active under it. The following are some of the potential dangers of using the scaffold tower that violates the provisions. To avoid work accidents caused by scaffold tower, related parties must comply with the correct scaffold tower usage standards. Make sure workers get training in scaffold tower before using it. Workers are required to use personal protective equipment such as helmets and others. Pay attention to the coworkers who are above and below the scaffold tower. Scaffold tower must be in good condition and safe when used. Make sure that the scaffold tower and supports can support the load according to their capabilities. Ensure that workers or staff in charge of installing, moving or dismantling scaffold tower are competent.

Also, pay attention to the lifting of the bridles on the platform so that the stability of the platform is guaranteed. Do not perform welding, heating, riveting or other fire-related activities on hanging staging. If the scaffold tower is equipped with a crane hook, then be sure to look at the safety lock. Lifting bridles on the hanging floor of the crane must be tied with a shackle to the lifting block so that the crane does not come off. In addition to the above usage standards, it is recommended that scaffold tower users also pay attention to the provisions in choosing a work floorboard (platform) and access to staging.

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