Avoid These Extreme Diet

Having a slim body is often the desire of women. However, do not get the wrong step by adopting a variety of extreme diets that actually risk damaging your health. One way that can be done to get rid of excess fat in the body is to maintain a diet or diet. There are many types of diets that can be done but do not carelessly choose the type of diet. Therefore, the wrong dietary patterns will only cause adverse effects on your health condition. This is one reason why you need to visit the workout den.

So that your diet is safe and does not cause health problems in the future, you should avoid some extreme diets below:

– Tapeworm diet
This diet is extreme because it is done by swallowing tapeworm eggs. Then the tapeworms are allowed to hatch and grow up to consume food that is in the intestines of the host. After weight loss, tapeworms can be removed with worm medicine. This diet should be avoided because tapeworm eggs can move to various other body parts, causing life-threatening problems. For example, if a tapeworm enters the brain, you can experience headaches, confusion, seizures, and even death.

– Cabbage soup diet
People on a cabbage soup diet believe that they can lose around 4.5 kg by eating cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week. Cabbage soup is eaten every day with certain vegetables and fruits, 4-8 glasses of water and a multivitamin. The cabbage soup diet can make you lose weight fast, but it is unhealthy and dangerous. If you do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you lost weight.

Reducing weight is indeed permissible, especially to make the body fitter. However, do not let these desires make you neglect your own body’s health, for example by doing an extreme diet. Ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice on eating patterns that fit your body’s condition.

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