Avoid Building Mistakes

In building a house the foundation is the main and one of the most important parts of a building because the lowest structure of a house functions to withstand the weight of the building. However, many houses have their original foundation laid out, do not pay attention to the position of the soil, and are often based on the experience of the masons. Some of the consequences that can be caused due to a foundation that does not comply with the rules are the building becoming less strong. It will also cause the walls breaking because the foundation collapses, the most important thing is if the building collapses due to the foundation not being able to withstand the load on it. But even your foundation is built strong, you could suffer from sinkage. If this happens then you need to hire underpinning services in Melbourne to fix the problem easily.

The use of iron in making concrete is very vital for its function, but not a few people ignore it. Many craftsmen are only based on estimates, so the use of reinforcing iron sometimes does not consider the load and the way it is done. Some things that often occur in reinforcement errors include iron diameter not proportional to the load, spacing is not considered, the amount of iron is not appropriate, the bond is not strong enough, does not use bending at the end as a hook, etc.

Other mistakes that usually occur in building a house are often human error. For example, the bricks are not soaked before installation, which reduces the strength of the wall structure. Because of the brick is installed in dry conditions, the cement water in the mortar will be absorbed into the brick so that it will reduce the strength of the wall. In stucco work, the walls are not first watered. Ideally, before plastering or applying plaster, the walls should be watered until they are saturated so that the cement water is not absorbed in the walls. Tile installation is not straight or does not fit properly on the pedestal so that it can result in leaks.

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