AC Owners Can Do These 4 Steps To Maintain Their ACs

AC has a lot of choices, from design to price. As an independent person, then you must be careful in choosing an air conditioner with a good design, effective and easy to maintain. Meanwhile, if you need an expert for maintaining your AC, we suggest you call the best company of air conditioning repair las vegas.

Then how do you clean and maintain the air conditioner to keep it durable and cold? It’s easy, here are 4 steps that you can try:

1. Clean the Air Filter

In air conditioners, the air filter functions to filter out the dust so it does not stick and clog the surface of the evaporator. If the dust that is attached to the air filter is not cleaned, then the dust will clog so that the air that can pass through the filter becomes reduced and eventually causes the air conditioner to not cool.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean the air filter frequently. At least, you must clean it every 1 or 2 weeks.

2. Cleaning the Evaporator

To clean the evaporator, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner. You must not press the evaporator fins when you clean them. All you have to do is direct the vacuum cleaner toward the evaporator, then back and forth to suck up the dust entering the evaporator opening.

3. Cleaning the AC Fan

You also need to clean the fan on the air conditioner from the dust. This will make air circulation better and air conditioning work can also be lighter, air conditioning durable and stay cold. In addition, it will make the performance of the fan to be maximum because there is no dirt or dust attached.

4. Don’t Set the Thermostat Temperature Too Low

The thermostat in the air conditioner has a function to protect and prevent the room so that the temperature is not too cold. Apart from that, the thermostat also serves to protect the air conditioner so it does not work excessively, especially in the compressor. So, when the remote is set at a temperature of 180 C, then the actual air conditioner is ordered to work continuously and must not stop until the temperature in the room reaches a temperature of 180 C.

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