7 Ways To Find Driver Cheating From The GPS Tracker Report

The role of operational vehicles is very important because the main activity of the company’s supply chain will run effectively and efficiently depending on the mode of transportation. No less important is the operator or driver who uses operational vehicle facilities. The driver is the tip of the distribution process. The role of the driver determines the merits of the distribution process. This is the importance of geofencing, where you can use geofence to find out how a driver can cheat from a GPS tracker report.

Apart from producing quality goods, a company must ensure that the products being sold have been distributed properly. What should be considered so that the distribution of goods runs smoothly? One of them is having a capable operational vehicle.

However, management concerns regarding the provision of operational vehicle facilities are often encountered, such as:
1. The vehicle was taken away or stolen by the driver
2. The vehicle is not properly maintained, so it is damaged
3. Misused by employees for non-company interests
4. Loss of commodities or products to be distributed
5. Fuel use manipulation
6. Bad driving behavior
7. Late delivery of goods

The above problems can be identified and anticipated by installing a GPS Tracker on operational vehicles. GPS Tracker installed on operational vehicles provides reports regarding the vehicle and its driver in real time and detail.

Reports can also be withdrawn periodically. Any reports so that the user knows the driver’s fraud.

1. Journey Report
Report of vehicle movement from engine ON to engine OFF.
In this report, users can find out in detail the vehicle’s trip such as time, location, total mileage, driver and geofence area.

2. Fleet System
This feature is useful for displaying vehicle information, vehicle state, vehicle service schedules, and so on.

3. Utilization Summary
Summary of vehicle use utilization based on:
– Off Duration
– Idle Duration
– Travel Duration

4.Door Open Outside Geofence
Users can get immediate alerts if the truck doors are opened outside the designated area.

5. Fuel Consumption
Report on the estimated fuel consumption during the vehicle trip. The usage ratio is calculated based on the use of the vehicle in wasteful conditions (KM / L City Driving) and the use of economical conditions (KM / L Highway Driving)

6. Driving Behavior
Reports that are useful for knowing what activities the driver is doing while driving. Like Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, Overspeeding, etc.

7. On-time Delivery Performance.
This report provides details of the process, delivery status and estimated time of arrival

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