All You Need To Know About Online Quran Memorization Classes

Quran memorization is one of the most beneficial acts that a Muslim can engage in.The Online Quran Teachers forms the one foundation of Islam. A Muslim must know how to read and understand the Holy Quran. Without it, they risk being Muslims by name only, if they fail to act upon Allah’s commands.

One of Allah’s methods of preserving the Quran in its pristine originality for Muslims to read and understand has been via Quran memorization. The Quran has been memorized (hifz) by a number of Muslims since the revelation began. The number of Quran memorizers (hafiz, pl. huffaz) has continued to increase, as the Muslim population grows, you can visit

The foremost method of Quran memorization nowadays is via online Quran classes. Studying at an online Quran academy allows a student lots of flexibility with timings. It also proves to be very convenient as students can memorize from the comfort of their homes.

Quran academies usually offer specialized Quran memorizationcourses. Quran teachers and Quran tutors are well-accustomed to the classes. Therefore, they have the required expertise to help students to memorize the Quran efficiently.

Best age to memorize the Quran
The best age for a person to learn the Quran is during their childhood.The ideal age is five, onwards; however, this may vary according to personal preference. As children become mature in their lateteens, the ability to memorize wanes. It is replaced by the ability to understand.

Thus, the memorization of the Quran for kids is an excellent option. If parents want to encourage their children down this path, the process needs to begin from an early age. Several tips can help one to prepare their child for this development.

However, Quran memorization is not exclusively for children. Adults can also memorize it if they put in the effort. One of the most highly-reputed Quran reciters, Saad al-Ghamdi, reportedly memorized the Quran when he was 22 years old. Thus, the Quran may also be memorized at a slightly more advanced age. Of course, with people generally busy with study or work, the process might be a little different.

Tips for parents to help their children with Quran memorization
Parents should look to set an example for their children from a young age. Children often learn by imitating others. Therefore, parents should try to recite the Quran in the presence of the child regularly. Read it loudly in a proper manner so that the child wants to do the same. Lead by example.

Children should be made aware of the basics of Islam from a young age. They should be encouraged to take part in religious activities. They should also be kept away from things such as music, which are haram and may distract them from this purpose. Children should be told about the benefits of memorizing the Quran. Examples of other children who memorized it can be provided as encouragement.

Once a child is the right frame of mind and is ready to begin with Quran memorization, a skilled and certified Quran tutor should be sought out. The Quran memorization course is, of course, the ideal one to pursue for this purpose. Parents should also ensure that importance is given to related things such as Tajweed. This will enable kids to memorize the Quran with the correct pronunciation.

As the child begins with the process of Quran memorization, parents should look to stay involved. The parents and tutor must soon come to an understanding regarding the pace at which the child is suited to learn. Some will be more responsive to a lower volume, while others can memorize quicker.

Parents should look to encourage the child through frequent appreciation of his/her progress. They may also try to provide incentives for the child. Gifts and surprises can be utilized as incentives for the child upon reaching specified milestones.

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