4 Car Components That Are Vulnerable To Damage Due To Potholes

The potholes on the road can be a threat to your car. If you are not careful when passing through damaged road conditions, some components of the car will be damaged quickly. Tires are the only part of the car that is in direct contact with the road, so you have to check regularly. Leave it to mobile tyre fitting london if you feel the need to replace your car tires with new ones. In order not to affect other parts, immediately check the condition of some of the damaged components below.

#1: Tires and Rims
Tires and wheels are the components of a car that make the most visible difference if you pass through potholes too often. This condition will not be felt at first, but after some time, the car becomes uncomfortable when driving.
The surface of the tires that are damaged due to potholes will look lumpy. This is because the wire contained in it breaks, causing the fabric of the material to open. Meanwhile, for the wheels, the condition will not be smooth anymore and will be bent and cracked in some parts.

#2: Lower Arm
One of the components that unite the wheel system with the car body is the lower arm. The components of this one car are also threatened with damage due to the impact of driving on potholes. The common lower arm damage is a bent or even broken condition.

Some argue, instead of doing repairs, you should buy a new lower arm if it is damaged. The service process at the workshop will not make its condition perfect again. In the end, the condition of the car will not be optimal if it is carried on the streets.

#3: Ball Joint
The ball joint component in the wheel system plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the knuckle arm component. Unfortunately, it turns out that this part is the same as the lower arm which is vulnerable to damage when hit by a hole in the road.

Damage to this section can be recognized if you hear a noise from the bottom of the car. If you jack up the part of the tire that is suspected to be damaged, that part will wobble or seem to be about to come off if there is damage to the ball joint.

#4: Wheel Bearings
Finally, the components of the car that will also be affected by potholes are wheel bearings or axles bearings for rotating. When it meets the hole, the bearing will receive a very strong pressure. His age also continues to shorten when exposed to potholes continuously.

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