4 Best Cleaner Apps You Can Download

Laptops that have been used for a long time slow down when in use. The amount of junk filling up your laptop/PC memory space can slow down your device. If you have this, there is no reason to do a disk clean-up. By using disk clean-up software, your PC or computer can run stably. Here are some of the best applications that you can download to boost and secure your PC’s performance.

2. Storage Sense
Similar to Disk Cleanup, Storage Sense is also available for free on Windows 10 operating system. The good news is that if enabled, this application can automatically clean up junk files on your laptop/computer when your hard drive is full.

This automatic cleaning feature will clean junk files according to the settings you have made. The parameters are in the form of frequency and remaining hard drive storage. Although automatic, you can still scan the hard drive if your computer is too slow, such as temporary files or cache.

3. Revo Uninstaller
Junk files can be caused by Windows programs that you uninstall. The file is not completely deleted and remains on the computer’s hard drive. If left unchecked, this can make your computer sluggish and possibly sluggish.

It’s now easier to remove unnecessary files from uninstalled apps with an app called Revo Uninstaller. You don’t have to worry about this app because the UI screen is very friendly so it is easy to use.

4. Total PC Cleaner
Windows 10 performance will stay light with the help of Total PC Cleaner as the best PC cleaner for Windows laptops/PC. The appearance of this application is very simple, the main window contains only one page. You can optimize your computer’s memory usage without worrying about it filling up with unnecessary files.

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