2 Best Choices Spot in Texas!

No wonder there is an American proverb that says Everything is Bigger in Texas,
its land area alone is much larger than that of the other states.
But I will try to cover this topic later in another article.
this time I will try to invite, friends of travelers to see 2 places that must be visited.

1. Houston Space Center

If you want to know the ins and outs of the astronautic world as seen in the Apollo 13 film, you can find out more here at the Houston Space Center.

The Houston Space Center is the right place for those of you who want to explore the world of outer space.
Starting from the history of landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong to NASA’s exploration plans for Mars.
Don’t forget that if you visit this place, you must take part in a tour using the train which is included in the entrance fee.
You will be taken on a tour around the NASA headquarters in Houston and even taken to the communications control room,
during the seconds of the third mission to the 13th Apollo Moon contacted Earth and ran into trouble.

2. The State Capitol building in Austin

Not many travelers know that the State Capital of Texas is in the City of Austin, which is located about 266 km west of the city of Houston.
This small town with a population of around 900 thousand is the administrative center of the government of the State of Texas, where the wheels of government are run.
To travel on this one, you will be taken back to the history of Texas.
Not many know that Texas was not part of the US until it was declared annexation in 1845.
Texas was colonized by France, Spain, and finally Mexico.
In 1836, under the Treaties of Velasco, Texas became an independent state and separated from its Mexican colony.
President Sam Houston (2 March 1793-26 July 1863) became the first president of Texas.

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